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Nathan %26 Nicole Bradley (
Date:Thu 15 Sep 2016 11:26:27 PM EDT
Subject:Best ATV trek ever!!!

Subject really says it all. Che was incredibly personal and a great guide. Terrain was a blast, fun and just challenging enough. Che really guides to your skill level. Have done some incredibly memorable atv tours before but this trip beat them all. Wouldrecomend to anyone and will definitely go again if ever returning to the area

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Chris %26 Lori (
Date:Thu 27 Aug 2015 01:57:06 PM EDT
Subject:What a Great Experience

We had the pleasure of being toured by Che on Aug 14, 2015. We had our own side by side so we were just a passenger rate which was great. The scenery was beautiful, even though we did have a bit of an overcast day and some rain. Che was a great tour guide and very accommodating. Some of the trails are a little tighter for a side by side but we made it through all of it. Lunch was amazing, I was surprised that somehow Che brought along the freshest bread I think I have ever had and managed not to flatten it on the trail, the selection of items for the sandwich was also great, who would have thought someone would bring avocado? It was awesome.

I would highly recommend the tour with Canadian Off-Road to anyone! Che was also very helpful to us on where we could go ride on our own the following day which was very much appreciated. We will definitely be back to the area and for another tour in the future.

Thanks Che and Canadian Off-Road Adventures!

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Maria, Zara, sam, Alie, May (
Date:Sun 24 May 2015 09:41:42 PM EDT
Subject:Greatest time EVER!!!!!!

Supp Che,

All we could say is what an experience. I've done a few atv adventures but this one beats them all. Che was so super patent with us. Couldn't believe how awesome and calm he was especially with how annoying we might of been.

Trust me when i say, this atv adventure suits everyone from beginner to expert. So much fun and the group even got to experience a mamma with her cubs.

we will 100% be back again this summer. Well worth the drive.

Great teacher, great trails and a guaranteed great time.

Highly recommended.

From your favorite girls down north.

Thanks again!!!!!!!!

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Rachelle and Mike (
Date:Sun 10 May 2015 04:44:04 PM EDT
Subject:Amazing ATV Tour!

Hey Che,

Thank you so much for the awesome experience. We felt very safe and had a lot of fun! It was worth every penny, and we would definitely do it again. This was an experience we would not have had elsewhere and we will never forget it!

Hope to see you again in the future,

Mike and Rachelle

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Lisa (
Date:Wed 13 Aug 2014 10:51:43 PM EDT
Subject:Great way to finish our adventure vacation!

Our beginner group of 2adults/2kids really enjoyed our day riding in the mountains. Lunch at Susan Lake was delicious :) thanks again for everything!

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