Conditions of sale

  • All tour prices subject to applicable taxes.

  • A credit card imprint is required and machine damage will be charged.

  • A release of liability waiver MUST be signed prior to tour.

  • All drivers must be at least 16 with a valid drivers license.

  • Passengers must be at least 4 ft tall and able to fit into our XS DOT helmets.

  • We reserve the right to alter any itinerary or cancel any trip.

Cancellation policy

  • All bookings require a credit card deposit.

  • Cancellations and tour time changes require 72 hr (3 days) notice. Cancellations made inside 72 hrs will not be accepted and will be subject to full payment.

Other considerations

  • All activities contain an element of risk, and adventure sports activities in particular. For more details on these risks refer to our release of liability waiver.

  • Under no circumstances will we permit any person suspected of intoxication beyond the legal driving limit in B.C. to participate in our tours as a driver or passenger.

  • Persons who are pregnant, suffer from back or neck pain, heart or respiratory distress should consult a physician prior to participation.

  • Any trips cut short or canceled due to bad or abusive behavior will not be refunded. 

Optional Machine Insurance

Guests may purchase optional machine insurance for $25 per machine. This insurance covers up to the first $500 in machine damages including parts, labor and machine extraction costs. Any cost beyond $500 is the guest's responsibility. A machine damage waiver, including credit card number, is still required.